AAON Xtend

Controls Upgrade


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Why Replace Your Old Controls?

Orion controllers have been installed on AAON units for over two decades. As you would expect, many of these legacy controllers may be reaching their full life span. AAON Xtend gives you the opportunity to be proactive by upgrading your controls systems before they fail.




Avoid Costly Downtime

What will new controls do for you?

  • Easier field updates
  • Improved features
  • Proven sequences of operations

The AAON Xtend program consists of unique packages that provide a complete upgrade path from AAON’s legacy controllers to AAON’s latest controls solution.

How Does The Xtend Process Work?

See below for our 5 quick and easy steps to getting an AAON Xtend Controls Upgrade installed successfully!