AAON designs and manufactures semi-custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use. The AAON product offering is wide-ranging including packaged rooftop units, custom & catalogued air handling, heat pumps, chillers, heat recovery and outdoor mechanical rooms. With the addition of AAON, we can now offer a greater diversity of unique solutions for energy reduction and precision temperature & humidity control.

Rooftop Units

AAON leads the packaged rooftop industry in quality, performance and serviceability with standard features such as; double wall rigid foam insulated cabinet construction, direct drive plenum fans, access doors with full-length stainless steel piano hinges & lockable handles, corrosion-resistant paint exceeding 2500 hour salt spray test, stainless steel drain pans and gas-fired heat exchanger with 25-year non-prorated warranty. Want more? Enhance your AAON rooftop unit with digital scroll compressors, modulating hot-gas reheat and an energy recovery wheel.

Heat Pumps

The new AAON water source heat pump is truly innovative with high-efficiency design, aluminum cabinet, microchannel air coil and unique bottom service access. The highly automated heat pump manufacturing line is unmatched in the industry. Consistent quality is assured due to electronically controlled induction brazing on all copper connections (not torches).


AAON offers air-cooled Chillers with optional evaporative-cooled condensers, Turbocor compressors, pump packages and waterside economizers. Or combine the chiller, boiler, fluid cooler and pump package into an AAON enclosure complete with double wall, rigid foam panel construction.

Air Handlers

AAON builds an extensive range of air handler series ranging from 450 to 75,000 CFM. All air handling products feature low leakage double wall, rigid foam panel construction, plenum fans and a myriad of options to perform heating, cooling, dehumidifying, filtering, ventilating and heat recovery.

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