Nortec’s Next Generation Electrode Steam Humidifier is Here

Feb 2, 2016 | All Blogs & News

Introducing the NEW Nortec Electrode Steam Humidifier

Nortec EL Series electrode steam humidifiers offer complete application flexibility to systems engineers, contractors and customers needing a commercial / industrial humidifier. They can be integrated into central Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems or placed in specified locations for individual room control. Models are available to serve small or large areas with outputs of 5 – 200 lbs/hr.

Benefits of Electrode Steam Technology

Electrode steam humidifiers are economic and a simple and reliable humidification system for in-duct or direct room humidification. The EL has an economic capital cost yet is an extremely dependable solution for hygienic steam humidification.

Easy To Service

The Nortec EL humidifier senses when the cylinder is full of scale and advises the user that it requires replacing. This is a simple and quick process of draining the unit, removing the old cylinder and replacing it with a new one. This straight forward maintenance keeps downtime to a minimum and maintains humidity control.

How It Works

The electrode heating system ensures reliable steam production from ordinary drinking water without additional water treatment. The proven heating principle of Nortec EL Series steam humidifiers automatically adapts to the quality of the available water with optimization of the unit’s water consumption in a perfect way manner. The special grid structure of the electrodes provides the largest possible surface area. The composition used for the electrodes ensures maximum power transmission to the humidifying water. This ensures reliable operation, effective steam production and long operating periods.

Precise Control

All NH-EL Series Humidifiers have an advanced touch screen controller for precise and efficient relative humidity control. The humidifier can be controlled by a humidistat, a relative humidity sensor or be connected to a central Building Management System (BMS) for maximum control flexibility.

Comfortable Remote Control

The EL Series steam humidifier includes an interface for connection to common BMS systems allowing for remote monitoring and control of your humidifier. This is a standard feature with all EL units. For several humidifiers as part of a more complex installation, the networking system provides a detailed overview of the system with rapid and early response in operation