Why AAON Heat Wheels?

Dec 7, 2018 | All Blogs & News

We’re all becoming more aware of how our decisions impact the planet, as well as the rising costs associated with operating our buildings. Luckily, Enthalpy wheels, or total heat recovery wheels are a big part of the solution. Enthalpy wheels work by recovering waste heat from exhaust air, and preheating the outside air almost for free.

But did you know that Enthalpy wheels also:

  • Improve comfort by eliminating cold air blowing on occupants when heating is off or being serviced.
  • Keep humidity levels higher in wintertime
    • improving comfort
    • reducing the spread of infection
    • reducing absenteeism
    • reducing additional humidification energy and equipment costs
  • Qualify installations for financial incentives from Gas & Electric Utilities
  • Reduce gas consumption and may reduce heating equipment capacity
  • Reduce electrical consumption and cooling system capacity
  • Can reduce wiring and conduit size and installation costs
  • Help to meet current and future Ontario Building Code energy requirements

To discover more, please CLICK HERE to read AAON’s technical guide.

AAON Heat Wheels

AAONAIRE Heat Wheels – Standard Option on Rooftop Units from 2 to 230 Tons