Humidifiers, Evaporative Cooling & Dehumidification

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Humidifiers, Evaporative Cooling & Dehumidification

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Did you know that the amount of moisture in the air and the quality of the water that is producing the moisture can be very impactful to your business? Your employee’s health, comfort, equipment longevity, and the overall operation of your business can be affected.

Humidification At Its Best

Condair has built a strong reputation over the last 40 years with high-quality humidification systems at the forefront. From electronic manufacturing plants and large health care facilities to local yoga studios – Condair provides optimal humidification to them all.


Isothermal Humidifiers

When we add energy and air temperature remains constant

Gas steam, electric steam, resistive element, & live steam

Adiabatic Humidifiers

When air temperature changes but no energy is added

Evaporative media, nozzles, high pressure

DL Series

The DL Series is a hygienic and eco-friendly adiabatic humidifier. Applications include replacing “spray wash” and central steam humidifiers in AHUs.

Why Choose the DL Series?

Intelligent Hygiene Features: Continuous germ neutralization of the entire system with silver ions

Patented Ceramic Media: Maximizes water efficiency and ensures aerosol-free air

Minimal Maintenance: Low-pressure nozzles minimize wear and ceramic media does not require replacement (no maintenance in the airstream)

Very Low Pressure Drop: Minimizes energy consumption from the fans within the duct system (<0.20″ w.c. at 500 fpm velocity) 


Condair has designed highly accurate control systems. Designed to provide clear information regarding humidifiers and their operating conditions, they allow for users to quickly input preferred functions and maintain system operations.

Types of Controllers: On/Off Controls, Modulating Controls, and Condair Integrated Controller (IC)


40% – 60% RH has been scientifically proven to minimize airborne viruses!

Humidified air in this optimal humidity range ensures that germ droplets remain moist and the salt concentration inside the droplet increases to an extent that the pathogens are rendered inactive within a short time.

Condair HumiLife is a steam humidifier that generates hygienic, atmospheric steam by boiling water at 212°F (100°C). This effectively kills all germs and bacteria in the water, providing pure, clean water vapour to humidify the air in the most hygienic way.


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