Humidity Control Experts

Kilmer Environmental is Central Ontario’s leading provider of humidification.


Humidity Control Experts

Kilmer Environmental is Central Ontario’s leading provider of humidification.

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Energy Savings

at the forefront

Kilmer has the experience to match the right humidifier to your specific application.

Humidification Options

We offer humidifiers for every application!

  • Electric steam
  • Gas-fired steam
  • Evaporative media
  • Ultrasonic
  • High-pressure fog
  • Compressed-air fog


Energy Savings

Evaporative cooling combined with proper humidity control can help business owners manage their expenses more efficiently by reducing the need for energy through reliance on natural air evaporation as a means of lowering indoor temperatures.

ML Princess

In-Space Atomizing Humidifier

Proper humidification is essential to maintaining comfortable, sanitary, and safe environments free of problems such as electrostatic charge buildup, freely floating bacteria, and aerosols produced by humans (which can result in airborne illnesses such as influenza), and much more. Environments such as automotive manufacturing plants, retail spaces, and printing facilities rely on optimal relative humidity control to meet productivity standards, reduce product/material wastage, and encourage minimal absenteeism by ensuring healthier interior conditions.

Many different Applications

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Residential space
  • Printing facilities
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Woodworking
  • Automotive manufacturing

DL Series

Hygenic & Eco-Friendly Humidifier

Based exclusively on the advantages of the two humidification principles of atomization and evaporation. This results in the sustainable resolution of key problems which can emerge when these technologies are used individually. The humidification system is, therefore, the first choice in terms of hygiene, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of Relative Humidity

The 40-60 rule is important for our health – here’s why

Why 40-60% Relative Humidity?

Keeping relative humidity levels between 40-60%, the transmission and infectivity of airborne pathogens will be reduced, and surface cleaning will be more effective due to less resuspension and redeposition of pathogens.


Health & Safety

For your home or office to have any chance at airborne infection control (meaning the reduction in the spread of microbe-rich aerosols and other particulates) the 40-60 rule needs to be followed. By not keeping the relative humidity within that range, conditions become too dry and can cause skin irritations, discomfort, irritability, electrostatic shocks, dust buildup, and a higher likelihood of infections due to a lack of sufficient hydration.

EL Series

Steam Humidifier

Offers complete application flexibility to systems engineers, contractors, and customers needing a commercial/industrial humidifier. They can be integrated into central Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems or placed in specified locations for individual room control. Models are available to serve small or large areas with outputs of 5 – 200 lbs/hr.

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