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The future of natural gas humidification is here!

We are very excited to introduce the world’s first high efficiency fully condensing gas humidifier. With the combination of a low cost energy source and high operating efficiency, the GS-Series promises to be a winner. Here are some highlights of the new GS-Series;

  • Offered in a wide range of steam output capacities (50 – 600)
  • Low operating cost (potential for energy rebates)
  • New vertical design has the smallest footprint of any gas humidifier allowing it to fit through 30 inch doors
  • State-of-the-art integrated controller provides networking & superior BMS interconnection capabilities
  • Easy to operate with a new built in troubleshooting guide directly in the controller software
  • Plastic (CPVC) venting greatly simplifies installation while reducing costs
  • Large clean-out port means convenient scale management

Nortec’s gas-fired humidifiers are already the most reliable in the industry; and now they’re even better!