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Kilmer’s many years in the humidification business along with Condair’s extensive offering of humidification technologies, allows our team to provide the correct humidification solution for all applications.


Water Treatment

The MLRO reverse osmosis removes minerals from the water supply, ensuring hygienic water is available for a wide range of applications. RO systems are paired with Condair humidifiers to allow for easier maintenance, improved operation and unit life as well as hygiene. The pores of the membranes of the MLRO system are fine enough to filter out 95– 98% of all minerals and bacteria.

Humidifier Controls

Our customers deserve highly efficient, reliable humidification systems that offer simplistic controls. This is why we at Condair have designed highly accurate control systems that perfectly complement our products. Designed to provide clear information regarding humidifiers and their operating conditions, they allow for users to quickly input preferred functions and maintain system operations. We can supply control technology suited for any type of humidifier application including residential, commercial and industrial environments.

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