Kilmer’s many years in the humidification business along with Condair’s extensive offering of humidification technologies, allows our team to provide the correct humidification solution for all applications.


ML Series Direct Room Systems

All Condair ML Series humidification modules can be combined in one or more rooms or halls depending on space, room configuration, type of production and similar factors.

The ML Princess 2 humidifier is supplied in an elegant design and is recommended for humidification production areas within all industries. For applications in production areas with high ceilings as well as the horticulture sector, the ML Princess 3 is the ideal solution. ML Solo Series is used in applications with small moisture requirements, such as fruit and vegetable departments or rooms with low ceilings.

ME Series Evaporative Media

The Condair ME humidifier is the ultimate low-energy humidity control asset and the world’s number one evaporative humidification system.

This powerhouse can produce up to 2204 lbs/hr (1,000 kg/hr) of humidification and 630kW of evaporative cooling through just one single unit while running on not more than 0.3kW of electricity.

Not only is the Condair ME Series economic to use and effortless to maintain, it is also a customer favorite because of its industry-transforming service functions, which include the latest in hygiene technology.

HP Series High Pressure In-Duct

Using advanced atomization nozzles to ensure efficient evaporation, the Condair high pressure HP-Series humidification system provides considerable operating cost savings when compared to other humidifier technologies.

Precision impeller type high pressure nozzles generate an extremely fine spray of water droplets. A unique nozzle manifold design ensures that the spray is uniform and
absorbed over a short distance. In combination with the Condair Mist Eliminator, the humidified air is 99% free of aerosols for hygenic operation.

Draabe Series Direct Room Systems

Draabe-Series humidification solutions are for applications with both high or low humidification requirements.

The Draabe direct room humidification system can be individually positioned and, in combination with the integrated water treatment unit, is easy to maintain and a completely hygienic solution.

In these humidifier nozzle systems, a high-pressure pump and special high-pressure nozzles are used to atomize water into microfine particles with virtually no noise. High-pressure hoses route the water directly to the air humidifiers. The microfine atomization ensures that moisture is quickly absorbed into the air. Compared with nozzles operated with compressed air, this system incurs only a fraction of the electricity costs and achieves a much greater humidification performance .

DL Series Hybrid Humidifier

The Condair DL Series hybrid humidifier relies exclusively on the advantages of both humidification methods of atomization and evaporation.

This results in the sustainable resolution of key problems which can emerge when these technologies are used in isolation. The humidification system is therefore the first choice in terms of hygiene, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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B500 Mobile Direct Room Humidfiier

Condair’s latest evaporative humidifier, the B500 brings together mobility and functionality in one professional and stylish unit.

Older building and storage areas don’t always have proper supply ventilation for duct humidification. For this Condair is proud to offer a new and convenient solution – the portable B500 professional humidifier.

Not only does the B500 create an ideal indoor climate but it is the professional choice for regulating precious materials and art work.

AF Series Compressed Air Humidifier

Condair AF-Series adiabatic humidification systems are available either as a packaged system or as a modular engineered system. Both require connection to electrical power, water and compressed air.

AF-Series systems are ideal for direct space fogging applications such as manufacturing, automotive, printing, woodworking, textiles, paint booths, concrete curing, warehousing, and storage systems. They offer the benefits of low operating costs, minimal maintenance, and accurate control.

US Series Ultrasonic Humidifier

Condair is the world leader in humidification and evaporative cooling technology, creating the most appropriate solutions for every specific need. To this end, the new US Series, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, have been developed and engineered to meet the highest standards of cost-effective and efficient performance. Designed for ease of installation, simplicity of operation, reliability, energy efficiency and control accuracy, the US Series is ideally suited for many applications.

AF-22 Compressed Air Humidifier

Compressed air humidification doesn’t have to be hard. Rise above the ordinary with the robust, simple to install, operate and maintain compressed air humidification system. Reduce dust, static electricity discharge and ensure pitch perfect humidity levels for all your application needs.

If you’ve got a low ceiling, retrofit application or if you require an efficient all-around system for an industrial application, look no further than the AF-22 by Condair. The AF-22 can deliver up to 22 lbs/hr of humidification to a desired space. Simple, no big bulky humidifiers and the option to use softened water or reverse osmosis treated water makes this humidifier your guaranteed choice for direct room in-space success.

SE Series Steam Exchange Humidifier

Our team of industry-leading experts designed Condair’s Steam Exchange Humidification systems to ensure reliable humidity from facility steam boilers throughout your entire facility.

While the Condair SE-Series steam exchange humidifiers generate clean, hygienic, and atmospheric steam, all they require to do so is a connection to your facility boiler as power source. By passing through top-quality 316 stainless steel heat exchangers, fresh water is turned into clean boiler steam through a cutting-edge process. This innovative humidification technique prevents any chemical boiler elements from affecting your building’s air supply.

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