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Kilmer’s many years in the humidification business along with Condair’s extensive offering of humidification technologies, allows our team to provide the correct humidification solution for all applications.


AF-22 Compressed Air Humidifier

Compressed air humidification doesn’t have to be hard. Rise above the ordinary with the robust, simple to install, operate and maintain compressed air humidification system. Reduce dust, static electricity discharge and ensure pitch perfect humidity levels for all your application needs.

If you’ve got a low ceiling, retrofit application or if you require an efficient all-around system for an industrial application, look no further than the AF-22 by Condair. The AF-22 can deliver up to 22 lbs/hr of humidification to a desired space. Simple, no big bulky humidifiers and the option to use softened water or reverse osmosis treated water makes this humidifier your guaranteed choice for direct room in-space success.

SE Series Steam Exchange Humidifier

Our team of industry-leading experts designed Condair’s Steam Exchange Humidification systems to ensure reliable humidity from facility steam boilers throughout your entire facility.

While the Condair SE-Series steam exchange humidifiers generate clean, hygienic, and atmospheric steam, all they require to do so is a connection to your facility boiler as power source. By passing through top-quality 316 stainless steel heat exchangers, fresh water is turned into clean boiler steam through a cutting-edge process. This innovative humidification technique prevents any chemical boiler elements from affecting your building’s air supply.

RH2+ Residential Humidifier

Condair, a world leader in commercial humidification, has designed a sleek and easy to maintain residential humidifier.

The RH-Series humidifier features the same state-of-the-art electronic technology as our commercial units, delivering accurate and dependable humidification to your home.

Comfort and Health with Condair Humidifier

Studies show correct interior humidity levels minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses avoiding the problems associated with dry throats and nasal passages during the winter months while also keeping your skin supple.

Condair RH-Series electrode steam humidifiers remove calcium and minerals from the water used so only clean, pure steam is added to indoor air, making the air in your home healthier to breathe.

RS Series Resistive Element Humidfier

The resistive element humidifier offers highest accuracy and performance for humidity critical applications.

When using the SSR option with a high precision humidistat, the RS-Series humidifier can be accurate to ±1% RH. The RS-Series humidifier is designed for use with potable or DI/RO water. For potable water applications, the unique scale collector tank option saves time and money during maintenance. The scale tank collects minerals and is easily removed for disposal of scale.

The Nortec RS-Series is the most advanced resistive steam commercial / industrial humidifier available. It’s high quality heating elements provide the most accurate humidity control available in the world.

GS Series Gas-fired Humidifier

The Condair GS gas-powered steam humidification system is the industry’s first fully condensing and efficiency-leading humidifier.

With over two decades of experience in manufacturing gas-fired humidifiers, Condair always strives to build on past inventions to create new and true innovation that embraces design and functionality. The latest GS series highlights every single one of Condair’s high priority objectives and customer values while incorporating them all into our most efficient series so far!


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Electric Outdoor Humidifiers

The EL-OC and RS-OC are now the most compact, easy to maintain and cost effective outdoor electric humidifiers on the market.

Condair’s EL and RS Series of electric steam humidifiers lead the humidification industry in performance, reliability and flexibility.

Application flexibility of these products has now improved even further with the addition of the newly designed outdoor cabinet models.

The EL-OC and RS-OC are now the most compact, easy to maintain and cost effective outdoor electric humidifiers on the market. Many new outstanding improvements allow this product to be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification.

Water Treatment

The MLRO reverse osmosis removes minerals from the water supply, ensuring hygienic water is available for a wide range of applications. RO systems are paired with Condair humidifiers to allow for easier maintenance, improved operation and unit life as well as hygiene. The pores of the membranes of the MLRO system are fine enough to filter out 95– 98% of all minerals and bacteria.

Humidifier Controls

Our customers deserve highly efficient, reliable humidification systems that offer simplistic controls. This is why we at Condair have designed highly accurate control systems that perfectly complement our products. Designed to provide clear information regarding humidifiers and their operating conditions, they allow for users to quickly input preferred functions and maintain system operations. We can supply control technology suited for any type of humidifier application including residential, commercial and industrial environments.

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