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AAON designs and manufactures semi-custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use. The AAON product offering is wide-ranging including packaged rooftop units, custom & catalogued air handling, heat pumps, chillers, heat recovery and outdoor mechanical rooms. With the addition of AAON, we can now offer a greater diversity of unique solutions for energy reduction and precision temperature & humidity control.


CL Series 45 – 230 tons

AAON CL Series Condensing Units set the standard for large commercial condensing units in customization, performance and serviceability. Compressors and controls are located in an isolated walk-in service compartment isolated from the airstream for easy installation and service. Available with an air-cooled condenser or high efficiency evaporative-cooled condenser CL series units are application flexible.

CN Series 55 – 140 tons

Condensing units with VFD Controlled Variable Speed Scroll Compressors, Microchannel Condenser Coils, Double Wall Rigid Polyurethane Foam Injected Panel Construction, and a Compressor and Control Compartment with Lockable Hinged Service Access Doors. Options include Modulating Hot Gas Reheat, VFD Controlled Variable Speed Condenser Fans, and Flooded Condenser 0°F Low Ambient Control. The CN Series can be matched with AAON Indoor and Outdoor DX Air Handling Units.

CF Series 2 – 70 tons

AAON CF Series Condensers and Condensing Units boast the same benefits that customers have come to expect from other AAON products: serviceability, quiet operation, reliability, premium efficiency, world class construction, and a number of premier options that provide the flexibility to suit any application. CF Series Condensing units are designed to reflect the proven reliability and engineering excellence that can only come from the premier manufacturer of heating and cooling products.

CB Series 2 – 5 tons

AAON CB Series Condensers & Condensing Units are engineered to be energy efficient, long lasting, and easy to install. Standard features include variable speed ECM driven condenser fans, two step compressors, and a continuous fin condenser coil with louvered coil guard. CB Series Condensing Units can be used in residential and commercial application, matching with AAON air handling units.

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