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We at Kilmer are well known as the experts in indoor pool dehumidification and energy recovery. With Seresco, we provide an end-to-end solution that leaves nothing to chance. Seresco combines reliable, technologically advanced and energy efficient products with their revolutionary WebSentry technology and compressor wall technology.


New NE Series

Our new NE Series dehumidifier launched Seresco to the forefront of the dehumidification industry. With this next generation product line we were determined to build not just an improved dehumidifier, but a dehumidifier that was better in every way possible – and we did!

From the smallest details that others overlook to the most critical aspects of engineering and component selection, our new NE Series dehumidifiers truly set the industry standard for performance, reliability and value. Add to that, our revolutionary WebSentry Technology as a standard feature, and you’ve got 24-7 internet-monitored performance backed by an unrivaled two year parts and one year labor warranty (with WebSentry connected at start-up).

For installations, requiring 10 to 100 lbs/hr of dehumidification and 650 to 8,000 CFM of air handling, our new NE Series provides features that beat the competition hands down – every time!

NE200 Series

Our goal with the NE 200 Series dehumidifier line was to solve the difficult and costly challenges of retrofitting and replacing dehumidifiers.

What we ended up with was pure genius. Not only did we pack twice the dehumidification capacity into our already small footprint, but we created a fully redundant system, split installation capability and serious energy savings, with scalable load management.

Of course all of this is built with the same exceptional attention to detail, quality components and technological features of our benchmark products, including WebSentry Technology and our unrivaled warranty.

For installations requiring 45 to 170 lbs/hr hour of moisture removal and 3,000 to 16,000 CFM of air handling, our NE 200 Series provides features that beat the competition hands down – every time!

NP Series

Our revolutionary NP or Natatorium Protocol Series is the biggest industry innovation in 20 years and the future of dehumidification.

A traditional natatorium dehumidifier requires a large refrigerant charge that is not just expensive, but also leads to oil and refrigerant migration control challenges that can impact compressor reliability. Traditional split systems also severely limit the distance between the unit and its remote AC condenser.

Through the use of a secondary heat exchange fluid, our ingenious NP Series overcomes both of these issues and more. Our NP Series also provides superior humidity control, exceptional reliability and lower operating costs, with as little as 1/6th the traditional refrigerant charge.

For applications requiring 100 to 840 lbs/hr hour of moisture removal or 6,800 CFM to 70,000 CFM of air handling, our NP Series beats the competition hands down – in every design consideration – every time!

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