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We at Kilmer are well known as the experts in indoor pool dehumidification and energy recovery. With Seresco, we provide an end-to-end solution that leaves nothing to chance. Seresco combines reliable, technologically advanced and energy efficient products with their revolutionary WebSentry technology and compressor wall technology.


NV Series

Efficient natatorium environment control has unique challenges. Pools have both the most demanding environment control requirements and the harshest and most corrosive chemical conditions for equipment to deal with. That’s why a ventilation unit for a natatorium needs to be designed by natatorium equipment experts.

Seresco’s NV Series of natatorium ventilation units are designed from the ground up to deliver the same outstanding performance as our industry-leading compressorized systems. We’ve applied years of natatorium engineering expertise to create the lightest, most compact, most robust and corrosion resistant equipment possible. We’ve also used our advanced, proprietary control technologies to ensure it delivers the best room conditions and energy efficiency available.

For natatorium ventilation units from 4,000 to 70,000 CFM, trust the natatorium experts for peak performance, energy savings and the lowest cost of ownership – bar none.

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