Traditionally, indoor pools were ventilated through a wasteful push-pull process. In the process, energy-rich, high humidity pool air is exhausted and replaced with outdoor air. Although humidity levels can be managed in cooler months, push-pull system cannot control humidity and temperature in the space in the warmer and hot months. Push-pull systems also do not provide heat recovery for the pool water. All pool water heating must be accomplished by a pool heater.


Seresco Dehumidifiers is the leader in reliability and innovation in the indoor pool dehumidification market. A pool dehumidifier is a mechanical dehumidification system that controls indoor pool temperature and humidity and at the same time recycles the captured energy from dehumidification back to the pool water and room air.

For LEED projects, no pool dehumidification company can match Seresco’s Protocol Series dehumidifiers which use up to 1/6 of the refrigerant of a typical dehumidifier.

Kilmer Environmental and Seresco provide an end-to-end solution that leaves nothing to chance. Seresco combines reliable, technologically advanced and energy efficient products with their revolutionary WebSentry technology. Nothing provides greater peace-of-mind than WebSentry’s secure remote trouble-shooting capabilities.


NE-004 to 7 Horizontal

NE-004 to 7 Vertical

NE-200 Series

NE-008 to 16 Vertical

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